September 5, 2017

Know about India and Indians in unique way

     Curiosity is the culture of todays world . It is in the blood of every citizen of 21st century .

      To fulfill curiosity of these curious folk , today ,  we are starting here a journey to know India . 

      I know you know about India very good but there are many others who don't know much or want some more to know . For them and also for you , today we are starting an awesome journey , The journey to know India .

Know more about India

      And you are more than special for me because you are the traveler of this journey .

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          Know About  India  

     It is best to see India as a country of countries. With close to a fifth of the world population, it is quite humungous & bewildering to see it like a regular country. Each of the 29 states are big enough to be a country. 
      For instance, the largest state by population, Uttar Pradesh has more people than Russia, Canada and Australia put together. The state of Maharashtra is comparable to Mexico's population. State of Bihar is France, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium and Portugal put together.
       Understand the differences between our various states here: What state in India does what best?

Indian states and specialities - Agra

How did we end up with so many people? Here you go: why 40 % of world population lives only in India and China .  


 India had the largest of Bronze Age civilizations along the Indus Valley. In the past 5000 years of civilizations plenty of interesting things happened. A quick summary of Indian history: How did the map of India change from 1 AD to the 20th century?


Travel in India - curious Indians

      India is among the top 4 most biologically diverse countries in the world that is from our unique geography [with lions, tigers, snow leopards and rhinos in natural habitat]. Then there is a huge architectural diversity caused from past riches. Then there is a massive cultural diversity from being a hub in the Indian Ocean. And then there is a culinary diversity. 
          Get started exploring the travel wonders: Immersing in India: A Travel Book on India

Celebrity Culture:

 Like the US, we are crazy about our films and celebrity. In fact, Bollywood [one of the 20 film industries in India] is the second biggest movie industry in the world. 
            As I already mentioned, each state has its own movie industry. 
Bollywood just happens to be from the most prosperous state. Popular Culture: Is there any nation more obsessed with celebrities than the USA?

Marriages & Weddings: 

Of course, outsiders are often confused by some of our unique customs on these. I mean, we still have arranged marriages as the primary institution.
      How do you make sense of it? Here you go: Marriage, Mango and the Monsoon: Quora book on Marriage in India 


Know the Politics of India

         We are a representative democracy like the US, but follow the UK's system of Parliament. Although our states have sufficient autonomy, we are a little less Federal than the US. 

        Comparison of US & Indian political systems: What are the advantages and disadvantages of America's political party system over India's?  
         If you want to understand even more about our parties, here you go: How can you explain all Indian Political parties in layman's terms?

            A quick summary of our politics since independence: What would be the summary of the politics of India from 1947 to today?

Freedom movement:

 Indians are very proud of their freedom movement to have thrown out colonialism. Until 1870, India was a top 2 economy throughout history (pink bar below). 

A history of world  GDP

How did we get colonized by the British despite being so huge? Here you go: How did the British colonize India?

Look at how modern Indian evolved since then.

  Balaji Vishwanathan , the most famous quora writer who writes about India and related topics haw helped us writing this article . A big thanks to him .    

            Anyway I appreciate his writing and his way of looking towards India . His book From Tryst to Tendulkar: The History of Independent India talk about India in the unique way . 

              anyway I have to stop here because If I start talking about book it will be a topic for next 500-600 words :)  but if you ask me it's an amazing read about Indian history and a different view about India ? 

      So friends , look at the each topic and read with passion , surely you can end up getting a vast knowledge about India . And for you to provide information , curious indians is here .

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Vishwajit Kadam
Vishwajit Kadam

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